Elisheva House

The center of the Jewish community of Thailand that is located in Bangkok and contains synagogue, kosher restaurant, community center, community heritage and Jewish Museum.

At the center of the Museum stands the invariable and immovable basis of Jewry - a family at the table united with traditions. There are 12 stone walls around the family with built-in screens showing persecution of Jews all around the world on the inner side, and 12 months explaining their holidays and roles in the Jewish tradition on the outer side.

There is a scroll of the Torah, the heart of Judaism, on the main wall of the Jerusalem stone.

Glass stands with welfare items of Jewish life in the Diaspora in Galut and in Central Thailand are placed around the museum.

The panels on the walls show the main "points" in a life of a Jew and a commune from birth to death.

Interactive screens can help to delve into the study of Jewry and the life of the Jewish commune of Thailand.

Aron HaKodesh (torah ark) rises from the synagogue on the ground floor of the Museum not like just another exhibition item. Visitors can see and hear ceremonies and prayers from the synagogue itself there.

Designed for Programa 1 studio

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